REDSTUDIO is not only a supplier, but an operational partner that aims to achieve the best result.

We are a reliable company, with the structural capacity to address the needs of each client, especially during the working process.

Our service includes not only the setup, but also technical and operational support from the very beginning to the definition of the last details.

We assist our clients during the whole management process, coordinating with other suppliers and focusing onto spotting and solving the problems in advance.


Organization – we cooperate with the companies involved, optimizing the development

Support – we guarantee full technical assistance from the beginning to the end

Production – we are able to provide samples, 1:1 scale mock-ups, prototypes

Managing – we take care of the work site dynamics from setup to dismantle

Responsiveness – we meet the needs of our clients in each situation, even on a tight timeframe

Efficiency – we put great effort into making sure each work phase flows smoothly